My name is Madalin and I help people and companies translate ideas from words into digital assets like 3d prototypes, websites, visuals, identity & branding or motion graphics. I love minimalism, typographic works and bold design. In the 8+ years I've been working as a freelancer and within agencies, besides lots of project management, I also crafted some awesome things like  packaging designs for all sorts of niches, app interfaces, dynamic websites, ads and motion graphics near Bucharest, Romania, for clients mostly elsewhere. I have a well calibrated OCD, permanently curious, critical mindset, mobile centric in UX/UI, in love with 3D modelling and delivering pixel perfect assets. For larger projects, I collaborate with a tight knit team of elite operatives. This portfolio is a glimpse at the way I work.  Enjoy!


Below you can see some of the projects i've worked on and evaluate my skills set. Enjoy!

Product Design

I use Blender for 3D modeling and for creating visually appealing products. I love setting up lights, textures and materials.

Mobile Centric Designs

Nowdays, the mobile devices are an extension of our hands. We take lots of life changing decisions on these gadgets, so yeah, they deserve our full attention.

Web Design

Some examples of web design I did over the years.

Branding & Identity

Creating logos and identities was my first love.

Social Media

I'm experienced in CTAs, conversion, ads that stand out, social media campaigns.​

I’m available for freelance work and I offer my expertise to agencies and creative teams. Just drop your details and I will get back to you shortly

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